Customer Comments

A select few customer comments from Carolyn’s Guest Book ~ Summer 2011

“great club!”–Scott–Halifax, NS
“great people”–Fred–Danbury, CT
“wonderful.”–Ann & Ford–Toronto,
“awesome people.”–Tina–Greenwood, NS
“good chowder!!!”–Marjorie–Beaver Bank
“very good food” –Bonnie–Greenfield
“excellent fish and chips!”–Winnie–Greenfield
“thanks for the warm welcome and the great fish!”–Carolyn and Blaine, Viking, AB
“I am full. Great food.”–Harold–Wolfville
“excellent chowder”–Eleanor and Mike–Parker’s Cove, NS
“thanks! great meal!”–Pam and Dave–Bridgetown, NS
“good fish and chips.”–Dot and Vernon–Windsor, NS
“ditto.”–Shirley–Three Mile Plains
“great welcome and food.”–Bette–Hortonville
“great time.”–Wendy and Bob–Falmouth
“deluxe burger was great!”–Evan–Mahone Bay
“fabulous pie!! Thanks”–Helen–Margaretsville
“wonderful crafts!”–Morgan–Calgary
“thanks for your warm hospitality”–Jan–London, England
“wonderful”–Sam and Patty–Florida
“thank you!”–Dirk–New York, NY
“that fish was so good!”–Luke–New York, NY
“lovely restaurant and shop”–Nelson and Shirley–Cole Harbor
“nice postcards”–Nick–Brooklyn, NY
“delicious!”–Michael–Indian point
“yummy!”–Edith–New Glasgow
“glorious!”–Sheryl and Stephen–Brooklyn NS
“I love your milkshakes”–Josh–Ottawa
“a blast!!”–Sam and Greg–Halifax
“great place and food!”–Wendy–Bridgewater
“fabulous!”–Belinda–Mahone Bay
“fantastic”–Ken–Mahone Bay
“fantastic fish and chips”–Joanie and Bob–Kerikeri, New Zealand
“great place (go Hogs go!)”–C.–Little Rock Arkansas
“lovely food and good company. Thank you :-).”–Lynn and Phil–Australia
“excellent–thank you.”–Todd and Twilla–Blue Rocks
“the best!”–Quinn and Jay–Halifax
“lovely fish”–Fred and Janet–Halifax
“beautiful”–Paul and Lola–Digby
“thanks–great meal”–Clay and Dale–Scarborough, Ontario
“wonderful food–thanks”–Myleta–Margaretsville
“fantastic service”–David–Portland, Oregon

2 Responses to Customer Comments

  1. Sophia says:

    Excellent food, The best on the South Shore!

    An to the previous commenters how childish and immature can you be! Grow up

  2. Randy Hatt says:

    best fish n chips on the South Shore…Lee and Carolyn are the best.

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